Rekindling the flame

Love is like Vitamin C. You can’t store it up – you need a little of it every day.

It is the same with romance in marriage. Every relationship needs to be constantly nurtured but few of us have been taught how to do this.

We all know how to fall in love – but has anyone ever shown us that to stay in love nurture and care is needed to make our love grow?

After love, after marriage, after moving in together – then what? Is that it? The answer is no; now we have the opportunity to build to the next level. It is not so much rekindling the flame as lighting completely new fires. If you want more from the love you made, learning the right tools and attitudes can help!

Often both partners will have careers while trying to maintain a fulfilling relationship and raise children – this is not an easy thing. In between worrying about the mortgage and taking children to school and keeping up with work pressures it can be hard to keep the spark that maintains that connection and keeps any marriage vibrant and fun.

It can help to look at things now before the relationship degrades, and before it goes in to crisis. A relationship is much easier to put back on the right track before it has been derailed.

If you feel your relationship is not all it was – or all it could be – it could be time to take the next step.

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