Relationship problems

One of the most difficult things we will ever do in life is be a part of a healthy relationship. We are often left to just go out and do it without help or guidance. Couples often say they can work it out themselves, but this hardly ever happens. Relationship requires education, skills, commitment and a willingness to look at ourselves and the part we play in perpetuating the problems within our relationship.

Yes, good communication skills are essential. But when couples are facing problems, the cause is almost always much more profound than this. Often couples experience the same problems over and over. Or maybe a crisis has rocked the relationship and left both people at a loss on how to move forward.

Sometimes one partner does not want to come to counselling. This need not prevent you from seeking help yourself. A successful outcome is not always dependent on counselling two people together. Sometimes, too, one or both partners may not speak freely when their partner is in the room so I will counsel singly or as a couple.

The most common relationship problems that people seek help with include:

  • Constant arguing and Inability to manage conflict which gradually erodes the relationship
  • A breach of trust due to an affair or other betrayal
  • Difficulties communicating leading to loss of intimacy and ability to manage difficult issues
  • Differences in sexual desire
  • The romance or spark is gone and loving feelings are lost or diminished
  • Addictions, especially sexual addictions to pornography, chat rooms etc
  • Feelings of disconnectedness and loneliness within the relationship

Counselling can help you recognise where your relationship is going wrong and whether or not you are able to recover from the damage that’s been caused and heal the relationship. It can also provide you with the tools to build a better relationship. Saving a relationship that is in crisis requires commitment from both parties but if two people are dedicated to the process it is possible for couples to emerge with a stronger, healthier more loving union.

Please contact me for help with your relationship by email or simply call me on 0412 466 426

Please note: I do not provide emergency care. Please ring Lifeline now on 13 1114 if you feel suicidal or are suffering from mental illness.