During a very painful time in my life I began to see Diana. I initially began my counselling journey with Diana for what I thought was ‘one thing’. I soon experienced Diana’s amazing help and insights and received so much assistance in all areas of my life. New doors were opened to create more positivity and help me find the strength to close those doors that were no longer needed.
Diana gave me so much and provided me with the ‘tools’ I could use in my new life. Through my darkest moments, Diana was someone who at the very least was there to listen, which is so wonderful in itself. The truth is, Diana has changed my life and after a long time since beginning counselling with her, I am still implementing her incredible insights, knowledge and perspectives throughout my life today. She is brilliant!!

Giorgia (Burnside SA)

We turned to Diana when our Marriage fell apart. At the time there seemed to be no possibility of reconciliation and counselling was almost a formality so that we could say we had tried everything. From our first session however, it was clear that Diana was not only able to help us but she genuinely wanted to. A year has passed and our marriage has survived against all odds. Beyond that though, my life has completely turned around and I can truthfully say that Diana saved me personally from a very dark place. It is easy to give into that ‘no way out’ feeling, but Diana showed me there is way, and helped me pick myself up out of a hole. We are both incredibly grateful to her for her compassion and understanding and for really making a difference in our lives and that of our children.

Genevieve (West Beach SA)

Seeing Diana changed my life. Working through my feelings with Diana has assisted me in discovering and thriving in a loving and fulfilling relationship with my partner. Through Diana I have discovered true happiness, positivity and spirituality. Diana showed me the person I am capable of being and this in turn has allowed me to be a better romantic partner. My partner and I are now incredibly proud parents to a beautiful little boy and I truly believe without Diana I would never have been able to experience the wonder of being a parent.

Franca (Burnside SA)

I first sought Diana’s help during a difficult transition between jobs. Having left my old place of work as a result of intolerable work conditions, I found my mental and physical health had deteriorated as I struggled to adjust to the change and a new place of employment.

Despite having sought help in the past on countless occasions for what I had come to believe was a sort of depression, I found myself feeling incredibly isolated, disconnected and uncertain of my future. Being relatively new to life in Australia and to Adelaide I had placed a lot of emphasis on “getting things right” and “turning things around”. As a result I found the loss of my job had crippled my confidence and my self esteem. I felt completely helpless and riddled with fear.

While working with Diana I have been able to view myself, my current situation and my past experiences through a new and improved light. I have also gained clearer insight into the power of my thinking, perhaps the most invaluable piece of knowledge that has ever been gifted to me. Diana provided me with tools and strategies which have enabled me to improve the quality of thinking and as a result the quality of my life in all areas. Not only did Diana help me with the issues I came to her with initially, but she has also helped me to identify and deal with the root causes of the issues I had been carrying with me and that I had allowed to define me for many years. Unlike many other prior attempts to seek help, Diana, through her knowledge and experience has empowered me and shown me how to help and support myself.

Diana had faith in me, when I did not. She then stuck by me until I did. Her support and guidance has been unwavering, invaluable and my greatest blessing. For this I will be eternally grateful and would recommend Diana to everyone and anyone who is in need of help.

Mary (Burnside SA)

It was 2004 and my life was in a mess. My marriage of 9 years had broken up 2 years earlier and I had rebounded straight into a toxic and unfulfilling relationship. I had gained a lot of weight and felt constantly stressed and depressed. My biggest fear at this time (and for most of my life up to this point) was being alone. I had been to doctors and psychiatrists but all they wanted to do was medicate for depression rather than get to the root of my problems. I had read a lot about counselling and finding inner happiness and this is what led me to Diana Capaldo as I couldn’t see any other way to begin “fixing” myself. The counselling road was long and hard and many times I wanted to quit, but persevering was the best thing I have ever done.

I had a fantastic relationship with Diana and I trusted her with my every feeling and thought. She brought out parts of my personality I didn’t even know existed. Some sessions were emotional and draining and I found that in the beginning I needed to lean on her a lot and she was always there for me in a totally professional manner. One of the most amazing things about my counselling was that Diana seemed to know exactly what made me tick and how I could fix things.

Diana’s methods were just what I needed. She didn’t wave a magic wand and I was all better, she gave me tools to make myself better, for example working through a wonderful book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay and a lot of inner child meditation, something I found fascinating and very worthwhile. My favourite book that Diana used in my therapy was a book called “Facing Love Addiction” by Pia Melody. This book will remain my bible for the rest of my life and at times when any of my old “stuff” rears its ugly head I still pick it up just to get back on track, although I’m needing it less and less.

It is now 2012 and I am in a very happy and fulfilling marriage, a relationship where I am my own person and for the first time in my life I LOVE having time to myself and being alone.

Carrie (Parafield Gardens SA)

When I thought I could never possibly recover from the immeasurable pain of the trauma from the affair, Diana gave me the validation and empathy I needed immediately. She then guided us both, individually and together, through the stages of recovery by developing understanding and good communication skills and kept us safe. Above all she gave us both hope – and with hope, resilience and the will to work hard, committed together on a path to recovery. Just over 12 months down the track we are well on the way to developing a relationship I have only ever dreamed of; one which is based on deep abiding love, respect, and understanding.

I cannot thank Diana enough and I know my husband feels the same. He wishes he had a chance to develop the personal insights he has gained in the last 12 months, years ago. He has so much more understanding now of both his and my emotional needs and the cycle of negative self talk he had adopted. I also have a far deeper understanding of his emotional needs and together we help each other on this journey towards true giving as an expression of true love.

Francesca (Burra)

I made an appointment to meet with Diana because I needed help with anxiety issues that had arisen from a troubled relationship with my older sister. I had been having panic attacks for several years and in the lead-up to any family get togethers I would feel so anxious that I couldn’t function properly; I couldn’t sleep, I had headaches, I felt constantly nauseous, I would shake and struggle to concentrate, it was incredibly debilitating but I was reluctant to seek help because I felt weak and embarrassed that I couldn’t cope with what I thought was normal sibling rivalry. I wish I had been more kind to myself and had consulted Diana much earlier than I did! Diana was incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic, she expertly pinpointed and explained what I was going through and dealing with, it was an incredibly validating experience.

Diana helped me to find the root causes of the problems I was experiencing and then armed me with the knowledge and resources I needed to work through them. I was surprised by how much better things got for me in such a short time with Diana’s holistic approach, the strategies she taught me and the resources she directed me to for working through my anxiety weren’t one dimensional, designed for one purpose but were instead a much broader framework that could be tailored and applied to work through all manner of issues or situations; when I conquered my anxiety I just wanted to keep going and start making positive changes all areas of my life! Talking with Diana and working through the exercises she gave me saw me learning so much about myself, what I wanted for my life, what had held me back from my goals in the past and how to start moving forward. What I am most grateful for though is that Diana taught me how to accept and care for myself – it’s amazing how much better everything feels and how much more resilient a person you can be when you get back on your own side and start cheering yourself on instead of kicking yourself down.
Thanks to Diana I no longer struggle with anxiety, I have a healthy self-respect and some powerful strategies for maintaining my wellbeing and achieving my future goals. Counselling with Diana is hands-down the most valuable thing I have ever done for myself and I really feel everyone can benefit from Diana’s wisdom and guidance.

Amanda (Stirling SA)

Brad and I met Diana at a vulnerable point in our relationship. We had been together for a while, yet whilst we both shared similar life values, we had been raised very differently and therefore had very different communication skills which was becoming a real issue between us.

Diana really took the time to get to know each of us as individually and then as a couple, a rarity amongst other counselling services we had been to. After getting to know us, Diana was then able to provide an open and receptive environment that enabled us both to speak freely and without fear of judgement. She always helped us see the positive side to our differences. It was such an enriching experience. We always left our sessions feeling encouraged and relieved that we were making progress and therefore felt excited about our future.

I am so pleased to say that our relationship has improved so much as a result of meeting Diana and we are in the best place we have ever been thanks to her! I have recommended Diana to all of my friends and family, not only to those who have ever experienced a negative patch within their relationship, but also for individual sessions as a support mechanism. I would not hesitate to seek her services again should the need arise!

Elizabeth and Brad (Richmond SA)

I have known Diana all of my life. When I went to her for counselling, she showed an acute insight into what I was experiencing when I was so alone and confused. She allowed me to walk through the pain with her support. She gave me the awareness of the nature of some critical issues which had to be addressed in order to successfully heal my anxiety, depression and emotional pain. She gave me a practical exercise to do which took five minutes but which would change a life-time of suffering and help me to create a better future. She allowed me to see the truth of my past and in doing so, set me on a path to personal freedom. Diana is utilising the God-given gifts she has as a Counsellor, which cannot be learned from a text book, to help others. She is exceptional.

Lisa (Adelaide Hills SA)